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Teaching Patriotism With…

Oliver Doodle Dandy is a celebration of America. From the freedoms we cherish, to the opportunities we have, to the accomplishments of legendary American’s, Oliver Doodle Dandy teaches the incredible story of our great nation. And, that in America, children can accomplish anything they dream. Oliver Doodle Dandy is a spin-off of the award-winning Christmas book series, Oliver the Ornament.

Illustrations from Oliver Doodle Dandy
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Patriotic Games to Compliment Oliver Doodle Dandy  


Bring America to life for the children in your life with a combination of our beautifully illustrated eBook and fun engaging games of Patriotic Picture Bingo. 

Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF of our beautifully illustrated patriotic book, along with each of the Bingo games listed below

Each game includes:

– 20 different full-page four-color game cards

– Red, white, and blue card markers

– Call cards

Suggestions: Laminate for long-term use, print game cards as often as you like, or dispose of game cards after use.

About Oliver the Ornament

Oliver the Ornament is a seven-book series and related gift-line that celebrates the tradition of Christmas ornaments. Each book in the series has three main themes. Those themes include:

  • Each tells the story of how the ornaments entered the family’s collection
  • Each teaches children the important message of kindness, especially in the face of bullying
  • Each ends with a great cliff-hanger, which excites the children for what’s to come

In just the last several years, Oliver the Ornament:

  • Was named by People Magazine as one of their Best New Books
  • Was featured on Fox & Friends as one of the Hottest Toys of the Year


Every Ornament Tells a Story™

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Our website is filled with tons of projects for your family to experience together. Want to see more? Click on any of the ornaments above or our family below to find tons of fun projects.

Also, click here to buy your own copy of Oliver the Ornament.